CHOICE.D Patient Guide to Depression Treatments now available in Mandarin Chinese

CHOICE.D, a guide for patients and their families to understand the different evidence-based treatments available for depression, is now available in Mandarin Chinese.

The Mandarin Chinese version of the guide was translated by Hong Fook, a Chinese Canadian community mental health organisation in Toronto, Canada, and enables Mandarin-speaking patients and their families in Canada to access the guide in their native language.

CHOICE.D is based on CANMAT’s 2016 Depression Guidelines and was written in collaboration with patients and their families.

CANMAT members also recently presented CHOICE.D and its Mandarin translation to colleagues in Beijing, Shanghai, and Changsha, China, with plans to produce a culturally-adapted version of the Chinese translation for use in China.

Dr. Raymond Lam presenting a copy of the Chinese-translated CHOICE-D guide to Prof. Wang Xiaoping, Director of Changsha 2nd Xiangya Hospital, Hunan Province, China

You can download the Canadian Mandarin version of CHOICE.D here.